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Landschapstafel Haringvliet
Discover the nature of Haringvliet

In recent years, the surrounding municipalities of the North Sea inlet 'The Haringvliet' have been working hard making the nature of this beautiful part of the Netherlands attractive for humans and animals. Bird breeding grounds, winding walking trails and an expedition trip on the water have been created.

A table top diorama

The Municipality of Hoeksche Waard, a former river island, has asked us to promote these developments to its citizens by making a promotional explanimation. With the project called 'Landschapstafel Haringvliet' (the scenery table of Haringvliet), we show all these new natural developments within a stylized table top diorama.

From the wireframe version to the final result.

We built the diorama from map data, comparable to our earlier project 'Tijl in het Voetspoor van Bach'. The inlet itself was made in a minimalistic way by using different layers of height and on top of it we created an extra layer of roads and villages around the water. We also modelled developments such as bird island Bliek, playground 'De Speelsteur' and Expedition Haringvliet's boat in a scale model-like style. To give the animation some extra vibrancy, we have all added moving elements such as windmills, moving water and a plane flying past.


We have highlighted all the different details around Haringvliet via a 3D camera path, where you go from development to development. We also created some smart transitions to the interviews of experts of these projects.

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