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Tijl in het voetspoor van Bach: Maps
A journey of a lifetime

In collaboration with Night of Comedy and AVROTROS we have made a great number of maps for the mini documentary series ‘Tijl in het voetspoor van Bach/(Tijl in the footsteps of Bach)’, aired on the Dutch television channel NPO2.

Roaming from Arnstadt to Lübeck

The series is about the 400 km long journey that famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach made on foot through Germany, from Arnstadt to Lubeck, to meet his idol Dietrich Buxtehude. Buxtehude was also a composer and an organist.

Dutch presenter Tijl Beckand is following the same trail Bach walked more than 300 years ago.


For making these maps we did some research in the precise route and the cartography of the era Bach lived in. We have added some rich illustrations, old looking typography and symbols to create the illusion of an 18th century old map. For an extra cinematic look-and-feel we used some real satellite data for adding relief to the map. To finish the map we also added wooden pieces and fabric banners for the cities and places of interest showed during the series.

Bach Kaarten Styleframe 1.png
The initial idea was to show a close-up of the maps, this was later scratched as a larger overview of the map would make the size of the journey more clear 
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