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Studio LocoMoto was founded to share our love for illustrative design and 3D animation. We set up shop in 2018 and we are currently based in the city of Breda. Our passion is to make atmospheric visuals and to tell stories with a clear message.

As a young and fresh studio we strongly believe in delivering quality and high-end content at competitive prices. Efficiency is key, and therefore we create our projects entirely in-house. Because of the small size of our team, we have been able to set up a tight workflow so we can produce quickly and neatly under any circumstance.

Our general workflow is divided into 3 phases: the pre-production,

production and finally, the post-production phase.


After the initial briefing we translate the ideas of our client into a clear script and storyboard. This in turn will be used to create a pre-visualisation video and styleframes as a guideline for the production phase while keeping a close consideration of the clients wishes in mind.


Next, we accelerate to the highest gear. We start modelling the objects, characters or environments needed for your project and taking the greatest care in both lighting and shading your animations to make everything look as convincing as possible. We animate and simulate the necessary elements to make it all come to life.


Here is where the magic happens. All the footage will be composited, VFX and colorgrading will be added to make everything pop out even more. Finally, the animation will be completed with the addition of music and sound effects. 

This process gives us the optimal workflow to use our professional skills and provides maximum clarity of the project's development to our customers. So whether you are in need of a short film, commercial, music video, or anything else, let us know!

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Studio LocoMoto
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BTW: NL8593.53.576B01  KVK: 73098353

(+31) 6 28145535
Reduitlaan 33 | Unit 0.04
4814 DC Breda
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