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Ferronato: Scrolling Page Animation
Privacy protection on the go

Protection of data and privacy is more crucial than ever. Your phone, tablet, and laptop are vulnerable to outside threats while you're on the go. Ferronato, a Swiss company, created a series of bags, briefcases, and sleeves with a protective material that blocks outside signals.

An animated scrolling page

The team at TenTwenty, with whom we previously created animated visuals for Jafza, developed Ferronato's brand new website. Ferronato's special technology is also explained on their website.

In an animated scrolling page, you can discover how Ferronato protects the data of your devices. 

A scrolling page is a semi-interactive web page with which you can activate an animation by scrolling with associated information and/or extra material (links, photos).

It was our role to provide these animations.

Some examples of the scroll page animation
Sensitive data

First, TenTwenty developed a storyboard in the form of an outline for the website and the scroll page animation. The animation shows several examples of sensitive information being picked up by your phone on the way. For example, GPS signals can be used to track your location, your phone's microphone can record sounds, your payment chip can be used to deduct funds from your bank account, and your camera can be remotely controlled. The animation finishes by showing how, in this case, a phone sleeve from Ferronato can protect your phone by bouncing off signals from the outside due to the presence of a special metal material in the sleeve. The sleeve will thereafter be a part of the Ferronato product line, which also includes shoulder bags, backpacks, and briefcases made of the same protective material.

Minimalistic style

For this animation, a minimalistic style was used in order to visually represent the various situations. In line with Ferronato's aesthetic, the color scheme is black and white, which also exudes technology and luxury.
To give a good impression of the finished product, the 3D models for the bags that we received were realistically shaded and lit. Additionally, we added 2D animated graphics to the animation to schematically illustrate the signals, such as the GPS location on a map app.


Are you interested in seeing the finished animation and website? Then feel free to take a look at the page.

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