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Jafza: Animated Visuals 
Trading in the free zone

Jafza, the Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the world's largest trade zones located in Dubai, UAE. To show all the business possibilities in Jafza, we worked together with TenTwenty on visuals for an interactive booth in the Dubai World Trade Center.

Animated particle loops

We have created a series of 9 loopable animations and each animation shows a different industry. For example, we visualized a wheel for the automotive industry, a robot arm for the manufacturing industry and a laptop for electronics.

Each 3D animation is made out of particles that glow and move in an organic way. In some animations we have shown the object in motion, such as a movable robot arm. We also animated particles in the background that float slowly like a wave. All together, it gives it a digital and futuristic appearance where the moving elements look like holograms.

Some of the particle animations.
Two early versions and the final style of the video
Interactive booth in WTC Dubai

Dubai-based digital agency TenTwenty provided the interactive part of the digital booth. As a visitor to the Dubai World Trade Center you can easily request information. The stand is fully automated and ambient music helps the visitor to relax. The interactions are performed by the visitors via a tablet that wirelessly transfers data. The stand itself was designed by KRAFTHAUS.

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