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Bathing in luxury

Tubble is an Amsterdam based company specialized in making luxurious inflatable bathtubs. Ideal for when you don't have enough space for a bath, but still want to have your daily luxurious bathing moment. 

Just as comfortable as a real bath

This promo video was made to highlight all the features on the new Tubble Royale bath with some instructions on how to use it. The bath was created based on reference pictures and even the smallest details such as the folds and zippers were sculpted into the model. Lastly, we used physics to animate the bath and have it bounce in a way a real inflatable bathtub would.

The keywords for this video were: luxury, tranquility and serenity. We reflected this feeling as much as possible by using a clinical white environment, using long-shot camera movements and highlighting the parts in a both clean and graphic way.

An exaggerated example of how we used physics to make the bath come alive 
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