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TGS: Pile Grab Animation
A hero in offshore wind turbine foundations

Introducing the Grab Specialist, a company that manufactures massive grabs for a variety of applications. These grabs are used for tasks such as retrieving objects, dredging channels, and gripping large quantities of raw materials. Attached to a crane, they effortlessly move materials around.

Collab with Cooler Media

In collaboration with Cooler Media, an animation and production studio based in Breda, we have created a captivating animated film to showcase our special "Pile Grab." This unique grab is specifically designed for excavating the foundations of offshore wind turbines during the piling process. It efficiently removes unexpected obstacles such as rocks and debris from the seabed.

Breakdown of the introduction shot
Taking it to the Next Level
Breakdown of the water simulation shot.

Cooler Media provided us with a clear script and storyboard, which we infused with our "LocoMoto-touch" to take the project to the next level. Using modified and custom-made models, we constructed a stunning underwater scene featuring an offshore wind turbine installation vessel engaged in piling for a new turbine. However, due to obstacles hindering the piling process, our hero, the Pile Grab, comes to the rescue. Witness how the Pile Grab clears the seabed, allowing for the successful placement of the wind turbine. We also showcase The Grab's companions, such as the Power Pack, a powerful generator that ensures an ample supply of energy for The Grab during its maritime mission, and the onboard stand where The Grab can be securely stored after use.

Attention to Detail

In this project, our focus was on the details. We aimed to create a vivid representation of the Pile Grab's functionality. We enhanced the basic model of the gigantic installation vessel with rich and realistic details, while adorning the seabed with plants, stones, and swimming fish. Additionally, we hid an Easter egg in the cross-section of the seabed. Can you find it?


To add vibrancy to the animation, we employed various post effects. Picture bubbles rising in the ocean as the grab descends and water droplets cascading as it resurfaces. During the gripping action, when the stones are thrown back into the ocean, we even applied a sophisticated water simulation for an extra touch of realism. Combined with the post effects of the small droplets, this scene became a true money-shot.

After the animation was complete, Cooler Media handled the final touches, including the voice-over, music, and sound effects. It was an enjoyable and successful collaboration that brought everything together seamlessly.

Experience the power and precision of The Grab Specialist's Pile Grab in action through our captivating animation. 

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