The Plastic Soup
Fantastic, all that plastic!

The oceans are full of plastic. Currents in the ocean are moving all the pieces of plastic to one big ‘island’ in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the 'Plastic Soup'. 


In this animation short you will follow these pieces of plastic from the supermarket, used by the consumer, thrown away in a sewage canal which transports all the plastic to the ocean and endanger the wildlife. 


The illustrative looking world of The Plastic Soup is build low poly models and all the highlights and shadows are painted onto the textures, creating this unique style. 

Directed by: Thomas Fokker

The Plastic Soup - concept art
The Plastic Soup - still 1
The Plastic Soup - still 2
The Plastic Soup - still 3
The Plastic Soup - still 4

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