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Studio LocoMoto: Introduction
Hi! We're new in town! 

Hi! We're a brand new studio in animation town, and as an introduction to the Dutch animation industry, we made this small commercial for ourselves. Can you discover all the references to the Dutch animation studios in this video?

Creating our Loco Studio from scratch

We wanted to put ourselves out there between the big guys so we made a cozy little studio on animation street. The style of the buildings was inspired by old dutch architecture or ''herenhuizen'' as they're called. These are a staple in the bigger cities such as The Hague and Amsterdam. 

Clay FINAL_1.png
Wireframes of all the props and buildings 
Logos video.png
Using displacement to make the maps come alive 
Getting the mood just right 

We wanted to establish a semi-realistic result, as if you're looking at a set or maquette, rather than the real deal. By modelling the assets in a distorted way and using small scale textures and lighting it as if you're using studio lighting. We got to the results we wanted.


And finally to give it a bit more atmosphere, we decided to settle on a morning setting. By using the warm colors of a sunrise on a cold morning. 

Some lighting and shading tests

For the 2019 Holiday Season we also a winter setting using the Loco Studio as a centrepiece. 

Happy Holidays from our cozy studio!
LocoMoto intro 1.png
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