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Sky Radio: Campaigns
Turn on the music!

For the popular Dutch radio station 'Sky Radio' we have made a bunch of commercials for various campaigns, starting with the New Year's Eve campaign 'Live One Year for Free' (Leef Eén Jaar Gratis). In this campaign, the listener was given the opportunity to receive compensations for all expenses in a whole year. You can think of expenses like: groceries, gasoline, living costs and traveling. We have visualized the idea of this campaign by flying over a shopping list and showing elements you get for free, such as groceries in a shopping cart or an airplane flying over as an example for compensation for travel costs. This commercial has been shown on television, social media and posters from New Year's Eve 2019-2020 and January 2020.

Note: all of the mentioned campaigns have ended.

A new animation for a new logo

We also had the honor of making the new logo animation for Sky Radio that is used for all media communications since September 2019. We have tried to make a playful and dynamic logo animation that animates well to the timing of the jingle.


We made a total of 12 proposals and this is the one that can be seen on television and social media for the following years.

The new Sky Radio logo animation
Dubble the reward, double the fun!

In the spring of 2020 we also made another commercial that was shown on television for a few weeks: 'The thousand euro double hit' (Duizend Euro Dubbelhit). If people had spotted a song by the same artist twice on the radio, they could win a thousand euros. A nice way to cash in!

Spot the double hit and win!
Sky afbeelding 1.png
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