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RAK Wireless: Explanimations
Wireless solutions for everyone!

RAK Wireless makes wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions for many different purposes. For example, a farm that can measure the groundwater level, acidity and temperature of the soil with a network of sensors to create ideal conditions for growing crops. Or to a municipality that can keep track of any noise nuisance in a city with an online application.

Isometric islands

In collaboration with BEWYRD we have created a series of explainer animations to show the wide variety of RAK products and show the different applications.
With various isometric islands, we show from above how the products can be used. For example, we have made a farm where a network of sensors has been built between the crops, an amusement park with a wireless network to keep track of the attractions remotely - and a factory in which all machines are wirelessly connected to the associated office. We show how the different products can be combined, but can also be managed via apps.

Some examples of the islands.
Two early versions and the final style of the video
3D Explanimations

An animated explainer video is also called an "explanimation" and in the animation world this often refers to a certain style of 2D animation with simplistic icons, flat colors and jolly characters.
We thought about how we could create a 3D explanimation with a unique look and feel by means of depth-of-field and dynamic animations. For example, to make the islands less flat, we have used relief in the materials.
We have been able to make a series of explainer videos that are interesting to watch and also stand out among the more standard looking 2D explanimations.

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