Panic Program TVC

Commissioned by Postpanic’s learning program ‘PanicProgram’, we have made a fictive television commercial for a fictive mobile provider which should be aired around Christmas.


Our main focus of this project was to create something exciting and interesting for a rather ordinary assignment by making a unique style and complex paper-style 3D animations.

Yentl van der Voort (producer)
Thomas Fokker (3d animator / art director)
Sander Wezenbeek (technical director)
Luc Petterson (director)
Job Op de Maan (generalist)
Martijn Rook (storyboarder)


Alex Zonnenberg


Rutger van der Vliet

Panic Program still 1.png
Panic Program still 2.png
Panic Program still 3.png
Panic Program still 4.png

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