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World War II retold

Oorlog-stories (War Stories) follows the story of a Dutch Jewish family during World War II, told through the eyes (or smartphone lens) of a teenage girl. In this heartbreaking story we are introduced to the bombing of Rotterdam and the tragic deportation of Jewish families.

Rotterdam on fire 

We had the opportunity to provide this online series with a couple of visual effects shots, including a formation of German fighter planes. We have for example simulated a swarm of Heinkels (bombers) supported by Messerschmitts (fighter planes) and created some explosions and the burning horizon of Rotterdam. 

The VFX shots in the first episode of oorlog-stories.  Credits: NPO Zapp, EO
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-27 at
Every detail counts

Even though mostly the sillouettes of the planes would be visible in the night sky, it was important to make them look as historically accurate as possible.


We researched the plane models, parachutes and the amount of planes that where part of the bombardment.

Close-ups of the planes used in the VFX shots and a little scene we made to present the shots. 
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