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Moving Video Blushuis
From Rotterdam to Breda

Studio LocoMoto used to be in Rotterdam, but since the summer of 2021 we moved to our new office at Blushuis (TripleO Campus) in the Burgundian city of Breda! For the occasion, we made a moving video to show our journey to the south and give an impression of our new workplace.

Mail campaign

We used this short animation as a mail campaign to let our old customers and companies in Breda know that we will operate from our new location in the Blushuis, a former fire station.

The video features iconic places that you see during the journey from Rotterdam to Breda, such as: the skyline and the harbor of Rotjeknor (the nickname of Rotterdam), the high-speed train line between the two places and of course the Church of Our Lady in Breda.

Rotating background

We made the animation entirely in miniature style and the landscape pieces that passes by are made on a virtual rotating belt. For the objects in the background, we have used painted plates that look like set pieces for a theatre play.

The rotating landscape in Cinema 4D
Come visit us!

Would you like to visit us and have a hot cup of coffee, tea or a cold beer with us?

Then you are of course very welcome at our new address:

Studio LocoMoto
Reduitlaan 33, Unit 3.12
4814 DC Breda
North Brabant, The Netherlands


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