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Magna TPMS Promo Title
Magna TPMS Promo
The Ultimate Fleet Insight

Magna Tyres is an international operating industrial tire manufacturer founded in North Brabant, Netherlands. They produce tires ranging from small forklifts to tires for massive mining and port vehicles. It is crucial for all industrial applications that tire pressure remains optimal and can be monitored remotely.
In the automotive industry, TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) has been around for a while—a system enabling remote monitoring of tire pressure. As a first in the industrial tire industry, Magna Tyres presents Magna TPMS. We had the honor of introducing Magna TPMS through a stylish animated promotional video.

The Story

Picture a rugged terrain – an open-pit mine with challenging landscapes. We follow a fleet of wheel loaders on a journey to collect materials deep within the mine. Zooming in on one loader, we showcase the simple installation of TPMS sensors on the tire valves. Using a gateway to capture signals and send data to the cloud, users can stay informed about tire-pressure and other crucial data.


From the In-Cab Receiver displaying real-time tire-pressure to the Magna TPMS app offering a fleet overview, and the Desktop Portal with comprehensive insights –Magna TPMS is a game-changer for efficient fleet management.

Design Approach

Since a TPMS system operates by sending signals every few seconds, we decided to make the trucks semi-transparent, clearly showcasing the operation of the sensors and antennas. This choice felt fitting as we used cross-sections and schematic overview shots to create a blueprint-like look. Blue happened to be the Magna Tyres brand color, allowing us to play with it effectively. We added white line shading to the 3D models to make them stand out against the dark background.

Breakdowns of the different render layers and post effects 
From Storyboard to Final Product

For the promotional video, establishing the right look-and-feel early on was crucial. In addition to our usual style frames, we developed a detailed color storyboard early in the process to capture the feeling we where going for. This guided us in the right direction to capture the feeling of the blueprint style. As a result, we were able to create a beautiful well-recieved promotional video for Magna Tyres.

Magna Storyboard
Magna TPMS Still 1.png
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