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Aliel Jewellers: Rings Scroll Page
Scroll into elegance

Aliel Jewellers is a high-quality jeweller with multiple branches in Pakistan and one branch in Dubai, selling breathtaking jewellery. For a new line of extravagant rings featuring diamonds, rubies, and rose diamonds, TenTwenty, an award-winning web design agency from Dubai, created a launch page for each ring.

After previous successful collaborations with TenTwenty, we were asked if we could create scroll animations for the launch pages of the rings. We had already made such a scroll animation with TenTwenty for the handbag brand Ferronato, where scrolling on the page plays the animation.

Perfection in modeling

At the start of the project, Aliel provided us with various reference photos of the rings. When modeling the rings, we ensured that the proportions exactly matched the actual rings. Since these rings are valuable due to the high-quality gemstones, diamonds, and gold, it was important to create a perfect representation of these rings. We also paid close attention to the cut of the diamonds and rubies, as these are unique for each ring.

The 3 different rings we modelled for Aliel

After completing the 3D models, we focused on the materials. Together with experts from Aliel, we looked at how to make the diamonds and other gemstones look as perfect as possible. We studied how real diamonds and rubies refract light and tried to replicate these unique properties as closely as possible. Additionally, the lighting was very important to make the stones shine as beautifully as possible.

Breakdowns of the different render layers and post effects 
Elegant Scroll Animations

For the animations, we highlighted the stones in an elegant manner. You start with the uniquely cut diamond or ruby, and as you scroll, you see how it comes together into the final unique design rings. We also animated accompanying elements for each ring, such as fluttering butterflies or falling rose petals, which reveal the rings and stones in a chic way. Subsequently, TenTwenty added these animations to the interactive pages, where texts also appear while scrolling, and as a visitor to the website, you ultimately reach the call-to-action and can view other rings in the collection.

Aliel Jewelers Styleframe 1.png
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