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A Week of Life
"We live on a mountain, right at the top..."

The main inspiration for this funny little animated short came from Björks dreamy song ‘Hyperballad’ about a couple overviewing their lives in a little house on a mountaintop.


In order transform this dreamy mood to an animation

the whole style of the animation was stylized, even made a bit surrealistic. This was done with soft painted textures, atmospheric warm lighting and stylization in the objects.

Directed by: Thomas Fokker

That's life

The story in this video is about a couple meeting each other on the top of a cliff. A Bohemianesque guy moved to the top and played some love songs on his guitar for his future wife. She tidied up the place and they expended their house. Until things turned bad...

concept art.jpg
Some concept art and color script from initial idea to final result
A love story with a twist

The goal of this short was to experiment with telling a love story about two human beings without the use of characters. It was accomplished with showing objects and sound effects while showing their influences on their direct environment.

The animatic, showing the basic layout of the animation
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