Playgrounds Blend
Titles 2018
The gods are delighted!

We helped with the title sequence that was shown prior to the lectures of the Playgrounds Blend festival, a large yearly digital arts event in Breda and Amsterdam.


Our part was created with the collaboration of Job op de Maan and Yentl van der Voort and is about the building of 5 giant statues, which each standing for a different department of the festival: animation, games, interactive design, robotics and creative technology. In the end the statues light up and shooting laser beams to one point in the sky, as one ‘blended’ force.

Yentl van der Voort (producer)

Thomas Fokker (art director)

Sander Wezenbeek (technical director/ Lighting & rendering artist)

Luc Petterson (director/ 3D Animator)

Job Op de Maan (generalist)


The Ambassadors


playgrounds still 1.png
playgrounds still 4.png
playgrounds still 3.png

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