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Blow Up Extreme Promo
An indoor playground for adults!

Imagine a gigantic indoor play paradise for children and adults... A playground with huge inflatable cushions and bouncy castles where you can climb, slide and jump. Blow Up Extreme turns this fantastic idea into reality. This huge indoor event is held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and features the world's largest inflatable obstacle course: The Cobra, with a length of 600 meters!

The main attractions

In the summer of 2021 the guys from Blow Up asked us to make a promo for this event. At that time the ideas and designs were only on paper. Based on the information we had, we built the event in virtual form.

The first step was to create the 3D models for the main attractions. We have turned the simple designs that were then available into photo-realistic visuals. At the time, these visuals of the attractions also served as perfect promotional material to promote the event.


Some of these attractions are: 'The Scorpion' - a large inflatable slide, 'The Acropolis' - an inflatable castle and 'The Iceberg' - an inflatable climbable mountain.

The main attractions of Blow Up Extreme
Blow Up Extreme promo Afbeelding 01.png

Gradually we also started to build the venue in 3D. With some reference floor plans we filled in the layout of the halls so had the base of the promo, starting with a moving storyboard and finally making it into a snappy promo with dynamic 3D camera movements.

Some extra promotional material with 3D people

The promo was launched at the end of 2021, but unfortunately Blow Up had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. In the meantime, we have made even more promotional material by adding playing people to the attractions. We also created a map that was launched on their website and will be printed to hang in the halls during the event.


View the full interactive version of the map here.

Blow Up Extreme Plattegrond INSTA_LINKS.png
Instagram version of the map
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