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Black Bananas: Shadow Collection
From duffle bags to wallets

Black Bananas, a hugely successful Dutch start-up in fashion design, is expanding its collection with a new line of bags,

The Shadow Collection. It includes a wallet, a clutch a trendy sports bag and others. We recreated all  bags in 3D to make some spectacular still frames and promos.

A Big Bag for Big Boys

The first bag we made was the Big Boy Bag, We recreated everything down to the smallest detail. Getting the best resemblance of the real deal. From all the pockets and unique buckle to the smallest seams. This bag deserved it's own promo video and here it is in all its glory.

The teaser for the Big Boy Bag 
Zip it!

Some parts of the animation lend for some technical challenges, Such as opening the bag in a believable way. 

we went through a couple of different iterations untill we where happy with the results.

The bag had to open in a convincing way
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