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Black Bananas: Boom-Bag
This bag is booming! 

We've made this exciting promo for the latest Black Bananas bag. 

A bag and music player in one! To show off its explosive sound quality we blew up the bag and highlighted all the parts in the momentum of the explosion. 

Controlled detonation

The bag was recreated based on reference material. Just like the other Black Bananas project the key was in the details as most of the parts would be featured up close. Everything was modeled and sculpted with great care to get it as close as posibble to the real deal.

The highlight of the video is the explosion of the bag when the beat drops. Here, all the attention to detail comes together as everything blasts away in slow motion!

All in all, a successful promo for our third video for Black Bananas. Check out the other videos too! 

More than 50 controllers where used for the explosion alone.
Boom Bag Styleframe_01.png
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