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Alibaba Cloud
Big data in the cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the cloud computing platform provided by the Alibaba Group, one of the world largest e-commerce compagnies. The offered services include data storage and big data processing for example for big (sporting) events like the Olympic Games. We have made a total of 4 videos to show the different possibilities of Alibaba Cloud including: ‘Digital Badges’, ‘Fans Video Hub’, ‘Press Conference on the Cloud’ and ‘Driving Engagement for Major Events’. In the compilation video you can see some snippets of these 4 videos.

Driving Engagement for Major Events:

A lot of event data is stored in Alibaba Cloud’s server farm. This contains for example data of visitor numbers, video registration and streaming data which, making it easier for event organizers of all kinds of events to manage all these information.

Fans Video Hub:

Fans Video Hub is a platform for sports fans and event visitors to share content such as messages, videos, images in a social media environment. This data can be shared with other fans and event organizers over the world and can be seen on various devices such as laptops, televisions, tablets and smartphones.

Press Conference on the Cloud:

Alibaba Cloud has developed a new tool for journalists to make streaming, storing and sharing press conference footage and articles easier. It makes it possible to share live press conferences with the whole world.

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